State-Of-The Art, Luxury Auto Condo's
For The Discriminating Taste

Similiar garage units (with INFERIOR quality and amenities)
sell in other locations throughout the U.S. for $350,000 to $700,000+ !

We are offering our Motor Toy units for an unprecedented $299,000 for the first 10 buyers.
Talk about INSTANT EQUITY APPRECIATION....that is an amazing price.

Developers Mark McClure, Paula Wallem and Peter Bouchard are bringing luxury vehicle storage condos to the great State of Maine and changing the game in the process.  Motor Toys are state-of-the-art, high-end, individually climate controlled (A/C-Heat) luxury units for your favorite vehicles, whether it be cars, boats, RVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATV's or any other personal storage items. Your luxury unit will be the garage you always wanted..... Or lease it out for a steady stream of passive investment income, the choice is yours as this is AN INVESTMENT, NOT AN EXPENSE, allowing you to build equity year after year after year.

Each unit will come standard with white walls, a wood beam supported 200+ SF mezzanine/loft area to relax and unwind, glass partitions for the mezz and stairwell area, both internet access and cable along with a FULL BATHROOM, stainless steel refrigerator and bar/food prep area. However, customize it with your own interior designs and features, furniture, electronics and artwork (as seen in the various pictures throughout with brick veneer, steel mezzanine, etc). Take control, its YOUR UNIT, the ultimate in "Man Cave's" combined with high-end storage.

Seeking JV Development Partners For Our Expansion Throughout New England And East Coast of The U.S.- Contact: MARK@GENXCP.COM
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Unit prices will start at only $299K for the basic package!! The unit you see in the video has numerous upgrades (marble bathroom, upgraded stairs, etc.,) and would be one of our higher end units, closer to $350,000-$400,000. However, you can "pimp" your unit out as much as you want.  Its YOUR real estate, YOUR unit. Design and create how you see fit on the interior. 
You can reserve a unit with a $10,000 deposit which will be increased to 10% of purchase price at Purchase and Sale Agreement.  We will begin taking reservations last week of March of 2024. Please email us for more information.   
ALL units will be SPACIOUS.  Your Motor Toys condo will be 25 feet in height with a door entrance 14 X 18, and an interior of 27 feet in width and 37 feet in length, big enough to fit almost ANY boat and auto combination.  

In addition to this 1,000 square feet, you will have a beautiful, 200+ SF mezzanine level with partition, an outdoor balcony, FULL bathroom with stand-up shower, stainless steel fridge and prep area for food and beverage.

ALL units will be made up of concrete, steel frame, temperature controlled and fully insulated.
The main focus of Motor Toys is a community of like minded individuals who are seeking a higher-end storage facility to house their prized vehicles. While certainly, as an owner, you can store other personal belongings, even construction equipment or other business inventory, there will be certain limits on what you can store and the "curb appeal" it displays, so as to ensure that the comfort, look, feel and style of the community stays consistent to its main core; vehicle storage. The condo docs and purchase and sale agreement will spell this out in more detail.
Absolutely, so long as your tenant conforms to the condo rules and regulations.  
We will have 24/7 camera surveillance that will activate police should a situation arise.  Motor Toy's community will also be gated with coded access.  All tenants/owners will have 24/7 access to their units.
YES!  There will be clubhouse/lounge area in the center of the parking area to go and hangout with family and friends.   The clubhouse will have a bar, lounge area and kitchen that will be available to rent for almost any occasion, and we will provide the food, beverages and staffing as part of the cost.
It's your Motor Toys condo, design the interior anyway you like.
Condo fees will be approximately $300 per month and will cover all water, sewer, landscaping, snow plowing, exterior electric such as lighting, etc., and ongoing security.  
We are set to launch our first Motor Toys development at 65 Olde Canal Way in Gorham, Maine. Without question an absolutely INCREDIBLE location; LESS THEN 10 MILES EITHER WAY TO SEBAGO LAKE AND DOWNTOWN PORTLAND!  Not to mention all major roads, highways, shopping and amenities, this location couldn't be more perfect for a luxury vehicle storage unit.
Yes.  At Purchase and Sale Agreement, once you have had a chance to review the spec sheet, we can discuss areas where you can have upgrades and at what cost. Your unit will come standard with white walls, stainless steel appliances, wood beam mezzanine level with glass partitions, basic stair case with glass partitions and full bathroom (what you see pictured).  

You can see throughout this website, however, there is an upgraded unit with brick veneer, steel mezzanine and and steel staircase, etc., to give you an idea of what can be done. But what we deliver is a sexy canvas if you will, from which to create your master piece.
Since you will receive Title and all the benefits of investment property ownership, you’re building equity for YOU, NOT the landlord.
While we understand these units are kick-ass in every way, from storage, to hanging out and partying to everything in between, living in the units is not an option.
  • Portland, ME, USA